LEMON LOSES IT: CNN’s Don Lemon Says Black Lives Matter ‘Only About Police Brutality,’ Not Crime


CNN host Don Lemon lost it this week when debating actor Terry Crews over ‘Black Lives Matter,’ saying the organization is just about “police brutality” and has nothing to do with inner city violence or gun crime.

“CNN host Don Lemon had a bizarre debate with black actor and former football player Terry Crews over the Black Lives Matter movement. Lemon essentially admitted the only purpose of BLM is police brutality and was furious at Crews’ insistence that there is more to be addressed when it comes to the wellbeing of black lives,” reports TheGreggJarrett.com.

“Lemon’s reasoning is purely nonsensical. He is saying the movement titled ‘Black Lives Matter’ only refers to a very small percentage of black lives taken at the hands of corrupt police. Lemon is the poster child for the movement’s hypocrisy, which actually is claiming they are fighting only for a specific amount of black lives,” adds the website.

Read the full report here.

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